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Blow Up Thickening Mist

The professional volumizer that takes home styling to a new dimension. Blow drying vivacious volume into even the most lifeless hair, finally there’s a weightless styling product that delivers long-lasting body without stiffness or crunch. Creates fullness for increased control and a choice of new styles.

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Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate

The root booster that delivers long-lasting volume exactly where you want it. Blowpro’s blow up root lift concentrate adds targeted, crunch-free weightless volume directly to the root, giving you ultimate styling control. Sweeping roots skyward, lackluster locks find life with every spritz. Whenever you need a lift, just spray, style and blow.

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Blow Up Daily Volumizing Shampoo

The gentle volumizing shampoo that will give your hair its ‘va va voom’ back. Limp hair comes to life with blowpro’s blow up daily volumizing shampoo. Gently cleansing and balancing hair, its two-in-one action removes oil while restoring moisture. Hair is healthier, shinier and has extra body and bounce.

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Blow Back Time Anti-aging Density Spray

Blow Back Time Anti-aging Density Spray instantly boosts density and imparts a movable, lasting fullness, restores strength and vitality; hair is left feeling soft and smooth and protects and prevents aging hair at all stages.

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Body By Blow No Crunch Volumizing Mousse

Every hair type finds strength and body with blowpro body by blow no crunch volumizing mousse. Infusing head-turning charisma into each and every layer, blowpro body by blow no crunch volumizing mousse provides maximum body without stiffness or crunch. Hair is fuller, appears thicker and is soft to the touch.